Information for Parents

Child protection

We put a very high priority on child protection and health and safety. Risk assessments are also carried out for our activities by a local headteacher and are acted upon.

Our workers undergo a thorough set of procedures which include being DBS-checked at enhanced level. They also receive ongoing child protection training.

Our team of workers at each Kidz Klub venue includes qualified first-aiders.

A copy of our child protection policy, health and safety policy, or any other policy is available on request.

Policies and procedures

The following Kidz Klub policies are available on request:

  • Child Protection
  • Policy Complaints
  • Policy Data
  • Protection Policy
  • Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Health & Safety Policy
  • Volunteer Workers Policy

10 ways Kidz Klub helps children, their families, their communities, and our city

01By showing genuine and unconditional acceptance and care to children, young people and their families, especially those from the more disadvantaged areas of our city.

02By inspiring the children and young people to be caring, helpful and co-operative and to show respect to people, property and authority.

03By encouraging the children and young people to make lifestyle choices that protect them from harmful, dangerous, addictive and destructive influences.

04By promoting good behaviour from the children and young people through appropriate rewards, incentives and competition.

05By developing children and young people through giving them responsibility and leadership roles within their club.

06By organising and running dynamic events for children and young people which combine lots of wholesome fun with appropriate, visual and non-threatening exploration of the Christian Faith.

07By training, equipping and encouraging teams of volunteers.

08By being, through our teams of workers, positive role models to the children and young people.

09By making regular visits to the homes of children and young people who attend the clubs to build relationship with them and their families.

10By providing practical help, support and encouragement to children, young people and their families at certain times.

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