People sometimes ask us where we get the money from to run all our activities and to support our paid staff.

Our finance comes from:

  • One-off gifts from individuals.
  • Monthly standing orders.
    There are currently about 50 individuals/couples who support us in this way.
  • Gifts from local churches.
  • Grants from charitable trusts.

Our heart is very much set on growth and expansion. There are huge opportunities to launch new Kidz Klubs, partner with more churches in more communities, employ more staff, and reach out to hundreds more children, young people and their families.

If you’d like to partner with us and support us financially, please support us by donating using the button below:

For years we have seen the pure enjoyment and real benefits that children and young people experience through our activities and the amazing teams of workers who run them. We would love to see this multiplied across many communities in our city and beyond.

But all that requires more finance! If you can help us financially in any way, we would be extremely grateful. Please print, complete and send us this GIVING FORM.

Or if you could organise or assist with any fundraising activity or event for us, please do get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.