Sunday, 15th May 2022

We need your help to fulfil the great commission, let me tell you how!

Jesus said, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” Matthew 28 v 19-20

kkbh_profile_-AT.pngIf we’ve yet to meet, I want to take this opportunity to say hello and a massive thank you for all your invaluable support of the Kidz Klub vision!

Since I joined the staff last September, I’ve been blown away by the amount of time and effort given by so many people across this city to bring the word of God to lots of children, young people and their families. It’s been truly inspiring.

What has been really humbling is that many of you support Kidz Klub financially and pray for us, enabling us to bring the gospel to even more families. Quite literally, without your support Kidz Klub would not be able to operate. Thank you very much indeed!

So why am I contacting you right now? Simply put the need is urgent as Kidz Klub has been faced with a number of financial challenges over the past few months.

We know it’s vital for Kidz Klub to continue its amazing work right across the Brighton and Hove area. There are now real opportunities to expand further. Today we are asking you, our loyal and faithful supporters, to invest your resources again into the Kidz Klub vision.

We need your help now!

We want to continue to build a strong base of regular monthly givers.  Guaranteed monthly income helps us plan our work.  It helps us reach as many children, young people and families as we possibly can.

So, how can you help?

The 100 Klub.png

We’re launching the 100 KLUB today! We’re looking for 100 incredible people to partner with Kidz Klub by making a regular monthly donation. Look at what you can invest into:

£20.png £20 would pay for the creation and printing of two of our weekly Newzsheets, which about 140 kids receive, giving information about the next exciting Kidz Klub session so the children and their parents are encouraged to keep coming back.
£40 would sponsor a young person to attend MayCamp @ Plumpton racecourse run by the Diocese of Chichester giving our young people a chance to hear the word of God, engage in worship and experience lots of wholesome fun and activities. (The total budget of this residential is about £3,000). £20.png
£20.png £55 would hire the Youth & Community Centre on a Friday night where many young people meet to enjoy various activities and listen to an inspiring and faith-building message!
£100 would provide a tank of fuel for our well-used minibus, that will ensure children and young people from all social backgrounds have access to a Kidz Klub and our youth work. £20.png
£150.png £150 would sponsor a young person to attend the fantastic “The Time of Your Life” annual youth holiday in August, where many young people over the years have come to know Christ and grow in their faith. (Total budget for this holiday is £35,000 for about 140 young people + leaders).

If you are already supporting us each month, I’m pleased to say you are an inaugural member of the 100 KLUB. 🎉Congratulations!🎉 Of course we’d love you to increase your monthly amount if you can.

Over the next year we have a target to raise our regular monthly income to £5,000.  Will you join us on this exciting journey? Will you help us reach our goals with your resources? Will you continue to help us release the next generation of leaders and role models in our communities through the work of Kidz Klub ?

Please click the button below and complete the simple sign up process, remembering to select Gift Aid if you pay income tax as we can claim back 25% on top of your gift at no additional cost to you!!


We know that not all of you are in a position to support us each month, but perhaps you feel a one-off gift of any amount is possible.

We’d love for you to also join our Prayer Partners WhatsApp group. You’ll start to receive up to date and essential information for prayer and thanks. Just click on the below link and we’ll make you one of our prayer partners.


We’re currently working on refreshing our website @ www.kidzklubbrighton.co.uk and, once completed, we’ll let you know so you can take a look and find lots more information on the work and impact of Kidz Klub. Watch this space!

In whatever way you can support the work of Kidz Klub across the city of Brighton & Hove and beyond, thank you so much! We know that God is on the move, lives are being changed, and His Kingdom is expanding.

I look forward to meeting as many of you as I can by the end of the year! See you soon.

CEO, Kidz Klub Brighton & Hove Ltd