Kidz Klub Hangleton

Emmanuel Church, Oasis Christian Fellowship, Hangleton Way, Hove, BN3 8EQ


Kidz Klub Hangelton is for children in SCHOOL YEARS 3-6 (7-11 year olds).

Every child in that age range is TOTALLY WELCOME AND ACCEPTED, regardless of background or belief. It doesn’t even matter what football team they support!

Kidz Klub Hangleton is run every Thursday in School term-time, 6PM – 7:30PM for children in Hangleton, North Hove, & North Portslade.

Kidz Klub Hangleton


Every week has a FUN THEME! The first half of the evening consists of a FANTASTIC RANGE OF PLAY ACTIVITIES based on that theme. Every week there’s a sporty activity, a craft workshop, a food workshop, a picture quiz and several other great activities.

In the second half of the evening, we gather all the children together for VIP TIME (Very Important Part of the evening)! That’s when we ...

  • Welcome new children
  • Reward the friend who brought them with a chocolate bar
  • Play an exciting boys v girls game
  • Test the children on the Bible Bit of the week
  • Have story time
  • Sing a Christian song
  • Award prizes to the winners of activities earlier in the evening

The STORY TIME usually consists of a Bible story that is carefully presented in a child-friendly and visual way – usually with the help of a DVD clip or drama. This is not done in any pushy or pressured way. Instead, it is educational, interesting, and a great way to explore the CHRISTIAN FAITH.

We run the SAME PROGRAMME at all 6 Kidz Klubs.

We've recently introduced a new font-lead style of Kidz Klub - much like an extended VIP TIME while there is a still a risk of COVID to reduce contact. We're glad to say that this has been a real hit with the Kidz Klubbers but we can't wait to get back to the old style as restrictions ease. 


Every week we produce a colour, double-sided sheet for the children which announces the theme of the next Kidz Klub and all the great activities they will be able to enjoy. It also contains a colouring competition, the week’s Bible Bit, and the big competition of the week!

Kidz Klub Newz Sheets are hand-delivered by team members or posted to Kidz Klubbers, or given out at the end of the previous week’s session.


At each Kidz Klub there is an amazing team of dedicated, trained, DBS-checked VOLUNTEERS aged somewhere between 16 and 80!

They are supported by a team of enthusiastic YOUNG HELPERS aged 12-15 who are mainly ex-Kidz Klubbers.

Kidz Klub Dyke Road Team


These are children who have become too old for Kidz Klub but want to continue coming in a HELPING ROLE.

We believe in TRAINING young people for life by giving them RESPONSIBILITY and the opportunity to learn SELF-DISCIPLINE, LEADERSHIP SKILLS and how to RELATE WITH OTHERS. Being a Kidz Klub young helper is an important part of their DEVELOPMENT as a person.

Our YOUNG HELPERS are a huge help to the younger children and also to the team. Some of them become FULL TEAM MEMBERS themselves when they reach 16.

Our YOUNG HELPER system is an important and exciting aspect of Kidz Klub. There’s nothing as rewarding as growing your own teams!